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Event 5 of 6

Event 5 of 6

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July 15th, 2023
Long Course (77 Miles) riders start at 9am
Short Course (47 Miles) riders start at 9:10am
Beginner Course (16 Miles) riders start at 10am
Tryon, NC

  • Event 5 of 6 in the Southeast Gravel Series

    It's summer, it's hot. However go up into the mountains where it'll be cooler and then relax by the river at Harmon Field with a cold recovery drink. We can't think of a better way to spend a Satuday
  • The True Test of Equipment

    With a wide variety of different riding styles, the Tryon course is one where equipment selection is critical. There's long sections of pavement, very smooth gravel, two track roads, and very chunky gravel. You'll want to ride something durable that won't slow you down on the pavement. Choices! 
  • It's All Downhill From Here

    OK, so it's not *all* downhill, but the last 10 miles are. Yes, that means the climbing is packed into the first parts of the course, so feel free to push it knowing you can coast to the finish if you blow up. We'll be there waiting with food.
  • Cool Off When you Finish

    The venue at Harmon Field has a river running right behind the park. Many riders jump in the river to cool off before enjoying their post race lunch. We don't blame you if you want to ride your bike right into the river!
  • Free Food, Free Beer!

    Go as hard as you want, and know that a hot meal and a cold refreshing beer will be awaiting you at the finish line. Stick around and cheer on fellow riders who are finishing.


IMPORTANT Info for Tryon

We always do our best to mark the courses with signs very well. However the Tryon course goes past areas where stealing, destroying, and vandalizing signs is a favorite activity.
We have even gone as far as to put a lot of signs up the morning of the event and even these get removed.
We always recommend to download the course GPS files and follow them on your cycling computer. This is *especially* true for the Tryon course. Each year people come to the event, relying only on the signs for following the course, and end up off the course.
Please come prepared! It makes it easier for you and us.

Course Distances, Maps, and GPS Files

Long Course - 77 Miles

Short Course - 47 Miles

Beginner course - 16 miles

117 Harmon Field Rd, Tryon, NC 28782

The Start Finish venue is located at the log cabin in Harmon Field in Tryon, NC. Harmon Field is a park in Tryon, NC that is used for pincnics, tennis, baseball, equine activities, and cycling events. There is plenty of parking available and the log cabin makes for an excellent venue. Overlooking the North Pacolet River, the back deck of the log cabin makes for the most refreshing atmposhere after crushing the mountains of Western North Carolina all day.

Directions to Start

Other Events in the Series

Southeast Gravel consists of 6 unique and challenging events in the Southeastern USA.
All events have chip timing, live results, overall and category prizes. Everyone who participates also receives a free hot lunch and free beer afterwards.
Other events include
  1. Gravel Battle of Sumter Forest
  2. Greenwood Gravel Grinder #1
  3. Falling Creek Pinnacle Punisher
  4. Race to Valhalla
  5. Saluda Redbank 100

Show up in Stlye!

Southeast Gravel Women's Bib Shorts
Southeast Gravel Women's Bib Shorts
Southeast Gravel Women's Bib Shorts
Southeast Gravel Women's Bib Shorts
Southeast Gravel Women's Bib Shorts
Southeast Gravel Women's Bib Shorts
Southeast Gravel Women's Bib Shorts
Southeast Gravel Women's Bib Shorts
Southeast Gravel Women's Bib Shorts
Southeast Gravel Women's Bib Shorts

Southeast Gravel Women's Bib Shorts

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Want to have the most fun on a bike AND look good while riding?

The new Southeast Gravel bib shorts are designed for all day riding, even over the roughest of terrain. Need to spend 3, 4, even 7 or more hours on a bike then you will love the comfortable chamois, textured leg panels, and gripper to keep the leg band in place.

Women's specific chamois and a new innovative seam on the bottom of the legs highlight these bib shorts. Normally a cycling short will have a seam that goes all the way around the leg,...

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Our commitment

  • Provide a safe, fun, and challenging event
  • Score everyone and provide instant results
  • Make pictures available to share on social media
  • Have delicious food and beer
  • Provide GPS and signs for directions
  • Ensure you want to compete in a future event

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a race?

Some people will race the course, some will ride to finish. You are free to go as hard as you want, but the rules of the road apply.

How many rest areas?

The long course will have two rest areas and the short course has one. They are stocked with water, drink mix, and snacks.

If I have a mechanical will you fix it?

This is a self-supported event. This means you are expected to bring tools and parts with you to fix your own mechanical and have the knowledge to fix it. If you have a mechanical that can not be fixed we do have sag support, although there may not be cell service and the support vehicle may be far away.

Is the course marked?

We try to mark the course extremely well. That being said, in every event there are people who rely only on the course markings to guide them and up up off course. It is *extremely* highly recommended to download the gps file we provide.