The Gravel Battle of
Sumter Forest

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Event 4 of 6

Event 4 of 6

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New date in mid June!

The Battle of Sumter Forest was the first event we ever had. It has always been the first event of the year (which is why you see people bundled up in all the pictures). It has always been our most popular event as well. We decided to take that popularity and move the event to mid June, where the weather is beautiful and a bit nicer on that river crossing!
We feel the June date will be very well received and will make this year's event the most popular one yet.

We also have a new finish line location that will make for some more fanfare as you finish your ride.

Stay Informed!

Watch the 2022 Gravel Battle of Sumter Forest

Want to know what to expect at the Gravel Battle of Sumter Forest, and from Southeast Gravel in general? Watch the episode of "What Pressure?" that was filmed at the 2022 edition of the Gravel Battle of Sumter Forest.

Important info for pre-riding the course!

Many of you have expressed interest in pre-riding the Sumter Forest course. You should! It's an amazing area with great roads, and very little traffic. However, we ask you to please follow these rules in order to ensure we can have the event for years to come.

Absolutely no parking or riding inside of the Clinton House Plantation outside of event day or any SEG organized rides. There are a few spots along the first section of gravel on Ridge Road that you can park and ride from. This will put you very close to the first section of gravel. There are a couple of churches we have parked at before.

If you are bringing a larger group and want to ride and need a larger parking lot, there is an unpaved parking lot in front of the Comfort Suites closer to Clinton. This will give you 7 miles of pavement before reaching the first section of gravel on Ridge Rd. 

Under any circumstances, DO NOT attempt to pre-ride the finish of the Gravel Battle course inside of the Clinton House. The finish stretch literally rides across an active gun range! Those gun shots you hear. . .they will be pointed in your direction. 

Again. Please do not park at the Clinton House. Please do not ride your bike across active gun ranges.

Gravel Battle of Sumter Forest
Gravel Battle of Sumter Forest

June 15th, 2024
9:00 am Start Time
Clinton, SC

  • Event 4 of 6 in the Southeast Gravel Series

    The last of the "Spring Classics" for the Southeast Gravel Series. Come out and ride in beautiful June in Clinton and hit that river crossing in a bit warmer temperatures. Remember, there is 3 months from this event until the "Fall Classics" begin.
  • No Traffic

    Enjoy gravel roads that traverse through some of the most remote areas of South Carolina. Focus on your riding, not battling vehicles.
  • Challenging Courses

    You may think that with Clinton being in the Piedmont region of South Carolina that the terrain means an easier ride. Don't be fooled, everyone who finishes this event knows it was much harder than they anticipated. Long course is 74 miles short course is 44 miles.

  • Awesome Venue Again in 2024

    We are back at the Clinton House again for 2024. However, we will be using a different section of the property for parking and finish. This will make for a much more spectator friendly venue. The old hill top finish may be gone, but don't think for a second we got rid of a challenging finish. You should know us better by now!
  • Free Food, Free Beer!

    Go as hard as you want, and know that a hot meal and a cold refreshing beer will be awaiting you at the finish line. Stick around and cheer on fellow riders who are finishing.


What People are Saying

“ Sumter Forest is one of those events that keep getting harder and harder. The first 8 miles you think will be a breeze. By the time you get to the river crossing and the steep hills that follow, you can't believe you still have to ride Ridge Road all the way back."

Chase Wright

Placed 6th overall on the long course

The Clinton House

The Start Finish venue is located on a beatutiful hunting preserve on over 2000 acres There is plenty of parking and you will enjoy the scenery overlooking the lake as you take in your meal and beer while telling stories of your event with friends. There's no better way to spend a day!
As we mentioned above. Please do not park and ride from the Clinton House except on the day of the event!

Directions to Start

Watch the Course Preview

Camping / Lodging options

If you are looking for a place to stay the night before the Gravel Battle of Sumter Forest we have a few options.
Brickhouse Campground $5 per night. First come/first serve. Primitive camping with no electric or water. Vault toilet available 13.6 miles to the Clinton House

Newberry KOA Until very recently this was the Magnolia RV Park. $45-50 per night (based on motorhome). Electricity and water hookups available. 10.5 miles to the Clinton House

There are 4 hotels very close to the Clinton House just off I-26.
  • The Comfort Suites is $104 for the night - decent quality
  • Days Inn is $53 for the night - could be nicer
  • The Quality Inn is $76 for the night
  • The Hampton Inn is off exit 54 and is $136 for the night. The Hampton Inn is the nicest option in terms of quality.

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Our commitment

  • Provide a safe, fun, and challenging event
  • Score everyone and provide instant results
  • Make pictures available to share on social media
  • Have delicious food and beer
  • Provide GPS and signs for directions
  • Ensure you want to compete in a future event

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a race?

Some people will race the course, some will ride to finish. You are free to go as hard as you want, but the rules of the road apply.

How many rest areas?

The long course will have two rest areas and the short course has one. They are stocked with water, drink mix, and snacks.

If I have a mechanical will you fix it?

This is a self-supported event. This means you are expected to bring tools and parts with you to fix your own mechanical and have the knowledge to fix it. If you have a mechanical that can not be fixed we do have sag support, although there may not be cell service and the support vehicle may be far away.

Is the course marked?

We try to mark the course extremely well. That being said, in every event there are people who rely only on the course markings to guide them and up up off course. It is *extremely* highly recommended to download the gps file we provide.