What is the Pro Category for the Southeast Gravel events?

One of the most talked about feedback we received was that if you were in the 19-39 category then you were scored against a lot of people who were full time bike racers. It can be discouraging to have your best event ever and realize that super fast guy who attacked 3 miles into the event was in your category. So we are splitting out a self-designated "Pro" category where the racers can do their thing.

Who is eligible for the Pro Category?

We are making this a self designation. If you feel like you are one of the fastest riders (whether you are 17 or 57 years old) you can enter the Pro race and be eligible for the Pro Category. Note that if you enter the pro category, you are NOT eligible for podiums in your age group.

What are the prizes for the Pro Category?

We have secured some very good prizes from our sponsors and are ensuring you effort is worth it. However, we have removed the money as prizes for the Pro Category for a couple of reasons. 

The biggest reason is that we want to use those resources to help the 90% of riders not in the Pro Category. For 2023 we will now be offering moto support for the short course, as well as live Instagram coverage for short course riders. 

With this, we feel more riders will earn more support, versus just the people who happen to be very fast at pedaling their bikes.



How do I enter?

In our registration, simply register for the Long Course, and then choose Pro Men or Pro Women. There is no pro category for the short distance. On event day you will have BLUE number plates to designate the Pro Category.

Can I start the Pro category and then switch to age group during the event?

No, once the event has started you are in your category. 

Any other information?

The most important thing is that the rules of the road still apply! If it's discovered that you are blowing through stop signs or breaking any laws while riding you will be disqualified and you will forfeit any chance of earning any prize money. All of the courses are set up so that the determining sections of the event are in places where you don't have to take risks by blowing through any intersections.


Also. Have fun!!