The Who, What, and Why of gravel in the Southeast

Officially started in 2019, but in development since 2010 when Ben and Boyd first became teammates on the same road cycling team. Southeast Gravel is the work of two roadies who over time grew to love exploration into the unknown and the community aspect of gravel riding and racing.


We are cyclists. We ride a lot ourselves and are always finding new routes and adventures. We lead group rides, run cycling businesses, and live for making people have fun while riding a bike. Southeast Gravel is us bringing our enjoyment of riding a bike to as many people as we can.


We have ridden hundreds of races throughout our time on a bike. Without promoters who took their time organizing an event we wouldn't have gotten to race like we did. Now that we are not racing full time, it's time to pay back the industry that has given so much to us. 
Yes, you'll still see us out riding a bunch of cycling events. However, Southeast Gravel is our chance to also provide events similar to the ones we participate in.

Team Members

Victor Ko

Ben Renkema

Chief of Style

Former profession rider, national champion, and current coach for Red Rocket Racing. Enjoys helping developing riders and all aspects of cycling.

Spends more time riding wheelies than Peter Sagan and hasn't found a "Road Closed" pile of dirt that he can't ride over.
Richard Bauer

Boyd Johnson

Head Honcho

Founder of Boyd Cycling, one of the premiere wheel companies in the world. Has been riding gravel since before it was cool; on a road bike with 22mm tubular tires.

​ Creator of infamous "Boyd Rides" where you are likely to end up riding through Dead Ends, walking in the woods, and almost always trespassing.
Richard Bauer

Nicole Johnson

Smile Distributions

Got into gravel because she would ride with Boyd when he would say "Let's see where this road goes."

​ Co-owner of Boyd Cycling and also jumps in at Southeast Gravel where she'll do everything from run the pop up store to help serve food.
Richard Bauer

Christy Keely

Fun Enforcer

"Red Rocket"  is the co-founder of Red Rocket Revolution where she specializes in health and wellness coaching, and helping athletes to accomplish their goals while having fun.

​At the Southeast Gravel events she'll enforce fun to the strictest measures. You will have fun. . .or else.

Staff - We couldn't run the events without their help!

Victor Ko

Sean McClintock

Event Logistics

Sean was a Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan before they got Brady and company.

On event day you'll see Sean jumping all over the place, from passing out race numbers to calling out the podium


We are available for any questions. Simply send us an email and we'll get back to you.