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Event 1 of 6

Event 1 of 6

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Days Until the Event!
Same Courses as 2023. More Gravel. More Singletrack!

Stay Informed!

Important info for pre-riding the course!

We host the event from a field that is on private property. That field is only to be used on the day of the event. If you are pre-riding do not park in the field.

There are two spots that are good for parking. The intersection of Beulah Church Road and Curtail roads has a trailhead for the MTB trails. There's approxiately 6 parking spaces here. This is about 1.3 miles into the start of the course.

The other place to park (not on Sundays) is the Beulah Baptist Church. There are spaces available here.

Greenwood Gravel Grinder

March 9th 2024
9:00 am Start Time
Abbeville, SC
Long Course (76 Miles) riders start at 9am
Short Course (49 Miles) riders start at 9:05am
13 Mile Fun Ride riders start at 9:10am

  • Event 1 of 6 in the Southeast Gravel Series

    Let's start off the year with a bang! Our first event of the year has always been our largest. So let's have it on a venue with tons of parking, no traffic, and some singletrack to have some epic battles. We will find out quickly who was riding through the winter and who was slacking!
  • Singletrack!!

    One of the crowd favorites for Greenwood was the mile of singletrack at the beginning of the course. With the Long Cane trails traversing the course, we found a way to add a few more miles of singletrack at the end of the course. It's smooth and very fun on a gravel bike, but make sure you save up some energy as this course kicks at the end.
  • No Traffic

    Enjoy gravel roads that traverse through some of the most remote areas of South Carolina. Focus on your riding, not battling vehicles.
  • Two Challenging and One Fun Courses

    Singletrack, long gravel roads, hillier than expected terrain, and a chicken farm. It all adds up to a course that makes you earn your post event meal and beer. Don't underestimate the course just by looking at the total feet of elevation gain.
    The Long Course is 75 Miles
    The Short Course is 48 Miles
    There is also a 13 Mile Fun Course
    More Course details and GPS files in the "Courses" tab in the main navigation.
  • Amazing Start and Finish Venue

    We are very fortunate to have use of the barn and field for the Greenwood Course. It's such an amazing venue that we are having two events here! The gravel comes approximately 100 meters into the start of the event, so this one gets to the action quickly!


Course Distances, Maps, and GPS Files

Greenwood Gravel Grinder
Long Course - 76 Miles

Short Course - 49 Miles

13 Mile Fun Ride

What People are Saying

On Saturday, I joined my friend Carley in the Greenwood Gravel Grinder Recon group ride. The Southeast Gravel event is on March 9th in Abbeville, SC. This course has some of the best gravel riding around. No washboard or sketchy downhills, a bit of climbing to keep you engaged and a mix of forest and farms to enjoy. The route is mostly gravel with just enough road to keep things interesting. But make sure to bring your best off road skills as there are water crossings, several miles of single track, hurdling you and your bike over trees and questionable “trails” to navigate through. 😆 For 5 hours and 75 miles, the spirit of gravel was alive and it was so much fun. Even with 30 degree temps, it was a great day to be on two wheels.
- Marni Sumbal 

203 Beulah Church Road. Abbeville, SC

The Start Finish venue is located on a beautiful farm in Abbeville, SC. The barn, often used for weddings and reuinions, makes for the perfect post event venue for eating, drinking, and relaxing while recounting the epic ride you just completed. 
Watch people finish down the gravel driveway as you cheer them on in a friendly community atmposhere. 

Directions to Start

Camping / Lodging options  

The Greenwood Gravel Grinder is a great event for those who like to camp on site. There is FREE on site camping available for Friday night (March 8th). There are no electrical or water hookups, but you can camp in either a motorhome or a tent. If you are going to be running a generator in a motorhome please park far away from the house near the field. No bonfires allowed!
Also, Friday March 8th is the ONLY night you are allowed to camp in the field. There are a couple of other campsites nearby if you are looking for a place to stay on any other day.

There are plenty of hotel options all within 7 miles to the start. Use this link to find available hotels for June 16th.

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Our commitment

  • Provide a safe, fun, and challenging event
  • Score everyone and provide instant results
  • Make pictures available to share on social media
  • Have delicious food and beer
  • Provide GPS and signs for directions
  • Ensure you want to compete in a future event

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a race?

Some people will race the course, some will ride to finish. You are free to go as hard as you want, but the rules of the road apply.

How many rest areas?

The long course will have two rest areas and the short course has one. They are stocked with water, drink mix, and snacks.

If I have a mechanical will you fix it?

This is a self-supported event. This means you are expected to bring tools and parts with you to fix your own mechanical and have the knowledge to fix it. If you have a mechanical that can not be fixed we do have sag support, although there may not be cell service and the support vehicle may be far away.

Is the course marked?

We try to mark the course extremely well. That being said, in every event there are people who rely only on the course markings to guide them and up up off course. It is *extremely* highly recommended to download the gps file we provide.