Kershaw Gold Rush

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Event 5 of 6

Event 5 of 6

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Days Until the Event!

New date for 2024. 

We heard you. The number one piece of feedback we received last year was that Kershaw was amazing, but it was like riding in a furnace. With record setting temperatures on event day, it was truly a memorable occasion. Many of you rose to the occaision and rode amazing.

For 2024, we have moved Kershaw to Septmeber 21st. With an average low of 62 and high of 80 degrees (versus 475 degrees in 2023) we think you'll love the change.

And yes, we are keeping that "damn final climb" to the finish line!

Stay Informed!

September 21, 2024
Long Course (83 Miles) riders start at 9:00am 
Short Course (45 Miles) riders start at 9:05am
Fun Course (13 Miles) riders start at 9:10am
Kershaw Gold Rush

September, 21st 2024
9:00 am Start Time
Heath Springs, SC

  • Event 5 of 6 in the Southeast Gravel Series

    The beginning of the "Fall Classics". Containing Kershaw and Tryon, you've had three months with no Southeast Gravel events. Plan on having an amazing fall season in the best time of the year to ride a bike. 
  • Very unique course! 

    Situated on the "fall line" of South Carolina (we have 2 events that are run on the fall line), means the ground surface is ever changing. Smooth gravel, chunky gravel, mud, and even sand. . .all in a matter of a few miles.
  • Challenging Courses

    As many of you found out from last year, just because there's not a lot of elevation gain does not mean the course will not be challenging. With the amount of varied surface types, this will be a true test of both your physical fitness and your choice of equipment.
  • A Beautiful Plantation Setting

    The Brewer Plantation has been in the family since the mid 1700s. Situation on hundreds of acres, this stunning backdrop gives us 5 miles of unpaved roads within the property boundaries, plus a brutal kick to the finish!
  • Cooler temperatures!

    Kershaw was a fan favorite last year for the innagural event. OK, the heat was definitely not anybody's favorite. We moved Kershaw a month later than the 2023 event. Picture how amazing a beautiful autumn day riding with your friends and then sitting on top of the highest point in the area will be.

Course Distances, Maps, and GPS Files

What People are Saying

“ This course is right on the fall line, that means LOTS of chainging surface types! Just when you think you have this course figured out, you hit a sand pit!" 
"I expect to encounter chunk gravel, some mud, and even some sand in a Southeast Gravel event, I just didn't expect all three in a few mile stretch!"

Brewer Plantation, Heath Springs, SC 29058

The Brewer Plantation sits on hundreds of acres atop the tallest point in the area. Soak in the views after you face the final kicker up to the finish line.

PLEASE NOTE!! The Brewer Planation is private property. You can not ride onto the property except for the day of the event. This helps us to secure having the event here in the future. Thank you!

Directions to start

Camping / Lodging options  


The best option for hotels close to Heath Springs will be in Lancaster, SC just to the north of Heath Springs. It's a short drive to the start and Lancaster has restaurants and grocery stores also available.

For those coming from the South, staying in Camden, SC is the best option.

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Our commitment

  • Provide a safe, fun, and challenging event
  • Score everyone and provide instant results
  • Make pictures available to share on social media
  • Have delicious food and beer
  • Provide GPS and signs for directions
  • Ensure you want to compete in a future event

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a race?

Some people will race the course, some will ride to finish. You are free to go as hard as you want, but the rules of the road apply.

How many rest areas?

The long course will have two rest areas and the short course has one. They are stocked with water, drink mix, and snacks.

If I have a mechanical will you fix it?

This is a self-supported event. This means you are expected to bring tools and parts with you to fix your own mechanical and have the knowledge to fix it. If you have a mechanical that can not be fixed we do have sag support, although there may not be cell service and the support vehicle may be far away.

Is the course marked?

We try to mark the course extremely well. That being said, in every event there are people who rely only on the course markings to guide them and up up off course. It is *extremely* highly recommended to download the gps file we provide.