Sumter Pre Ride

Come out on Saturday February 19th for a pre-ride of the Gravel Battle of Sumter Forest event. The actual event will be held on March 5th, 2022 which is just a couple weeks after the pre-ride. Doing the pre-ride will ensure you know the course, and sharpen your tactics for the actual event.

Date: Saturday February 19th, 2022

Start time: 10am prompt!

Start location: 
The Clinton House Plantation
15171 SC-56, Clinton, SC 29325


Long Course - 72 Miles

Short Course - 42 Miles

Details: This is NOT an event or a race. We are pre-riding the courses as a group. The Sumter Forest Course has a unique blend of hills, flat terrain, difficult gravel, and even a couple of underpasses of Interstate 26. Knowing the course and gauging where to use those efforts is going to be very beneficial on the March 13th event day! 

For the most part we will try and keep the group together, however this is NOT a "no drop" ride. You are expected to download the courses and be able to ride back to the start area. We will have a few spirited attack zones and will regroup after those harder efforts. 

This is simply a group ride so show up and have fun. There are no results or food at the finish.

There is also no cost to ride. Just show up and have fun!